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Guide global business with Rivtow Marine; Australia’s leader in quality-focused, customised marine towage and harbour services. 

Why the Partnership model?

Build a team and take ownership of quality marine outcomes!

Riverside Marine pioneered the Partnership model in 1980’s, to deliver the highest quality crews to exceed our customers’ marine business needs. 

Mariner’s in Partnerships, develop a sense of ownership and the ability to choose your own group of professional mariners is a unique and rewarding opportunity. 

What are the benefits of Partnering with Rivtow?

When Partnering with Rivtow Marine, safety and quality are our highest priorities. That is why our customers trust us to deliver the best quality, safest and most efficient marine towage services. 

Rivtow Marine values a positive, long-term working Partnership by being responsive, open and setting out clear expectations. 

Rivtow Marine operates in some of the largest and busiest ports in the world, where no two days are the same and there is always a new challenge. The work we do for our customers is diverse, rewarding and flexible and we are constantly seeking opportunities with resource companies, port authorities and mariners alike. 

What do we look for in our Partnerships/crews?

Rivtow constantly searches for reliable, flexible, professional Partnerships that are safety and quality focused, passionate and experienced mariners. 

If you are interested in joining one of the most innovative tug operations in Australia, or wish to present another opportunity, please submit your team proposal below.